Panel Discussion #3  |  13:00-15:00, March 18  |  Room 106


Topic: Preliminary Session on the Germany-Taiwan-Japan Tripartite Research Co-Operation in the Field of Experimental and Product Ergonomics

Bridging between Clinical Medicine and Ergonomics -A New Direction of Attractive Product Development-

Part One: General Overview
Prof. Kageyu NORO (Waseda University, Japan | ErgoSeating Co. Ltd.)

Part Two: Case Study: Development of a Chair with Backrest for Forward-Inclined Posture
Dr. Hideki OYAMA (Tohoku University, Japan)

How the Panel Discussion works

   During the 120-minute interaction, the two commentators will first make introductory remarks regarding the bridge between Clinical Medicine and Ergonomics. After that, they will host a general discussion among the audience, including researchers from Germany, Taiwan, and other countries. Attendance is open to all conference registrants on a walk-in basis.

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