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2017年1月17日 星期二

AEC 2017 - Complimentary Registration




Please see attached the AEC 2017 international alliance complimentary registration form. If you or another member of the Ergonomics Society of Taiwan would like to attend the AEC 2017 and use the one complimentary registration being offered to the international alliance partners, please fill out the form and send it to Bill Gibbs (, the conference manager. Please write “Ergonomics Society of Taiwan” next to “VIP – Complimentary” so that Bill can identify which alliance partner is sending the form. Let me know when the form is sent to Bill so that I can confirm if he received it. If you prefer to send it to me I will then forward it to him.


Please note that if any paid event is chosen (besides the complimentary registration), the early-bird registration ends on January 22nd, 2016.


There are some complimentary events that would be interesting to attend but the boxes close to their names need to be checked on the form like: “Welcome Reception”, “Ergo Speed Networking Event”, “First-timer Orientation”.

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